Monday, September 8, 2008


To be able to partake in this trip up Rainier with my friends from the San Diego Mountain Rescue Team (SDMRT) was a fantastic experience, and I'm thankful to all of them for having me as part of the group. We couldn't have asked for better conditions on the trip, and the group was a real pleasure to climb with. This trip also opened up something a little bit new for me as a climber. I have a tendency to try to push myself sometimes so that half of what I take from the trip comes from my own internal battles, and trying to push myself to my limits. However, in this trip I found a whole new outlook that I don't normally experience - I'm not a fast climber by true alpinist standards, however I do like to push myself hard and therefore don't often get to enjoy the surroundings in the same way that can be done on a more mellow trip, or perhaps just in a different way than this trip. Being in the alpine is where I feel most alive, and most in tune with my surroundings, and slowing down a little this trip really helped expand on those thoughts. I would still like to go back and do a "car-to-car" trip up a technical route on Rainier, but this trip will probably be the most satisfying I'll have in a while. Not only was it a great group to be with, but we had a relaxed and fun time, and got to see Sharon succeed in her dream of climbing it, and having her with us really added a special note to our success. Thank you Michelle, Brian, Sharon, Dan and Amy for having me as part of your group. Your enthusiasm and good nature really made this trip, and I can honestly say I enjoyed spending time and sharing this trip with every one of you.

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