Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday TNARG!

Today is a special day - the birthday of TNARG, otherwise known as LCpl. Grant B. Fraser. Unfortunately he's not around anymore to go play in the mountains with us, but I try to remember his love for the mountains and sea, and that first trip of roped climbing with him and his dad Jim up Flattop in the winter as a young kid. Happy Birthday Grant.


Tradmonkey said...

Happy B-Day Grant. Great way to celebrate. Thanks for the link and the write-up.

Chugach Man said...

Thanks for being my "phone safety" during the dive Mr. Monkey!

The Mannon's said...

Happy Birthday Grant.
I've never met you in person but I've met the parts of your soul that live on in your true to heart friend Rob. You must have been an amazing human being to be so honored and loved by Rob. I hope you had an especially wonderful birthday in Heaven and thank you Marine. For your dedication and ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. May God Bless and Keep you.
Semper Fi
Carrie M.
Proud USMC Mom